Importance of Digital Marketing During COVID-19

In human history, Covid-19 has emerged as the most drastic global pandemic that not only affects the billions of people but also the global economy as well. The whole structure of the market changed because of the global pandemic. The traditional methods of business have been replaced by the online mode of business like online shopping, online food ordering, online doctor’s appointment, etc.  Only India recorded 120 million regular online shoppers in the year 2019 and it is also estimated that in the year 2025 the number will be reached to around 200 million.

Digital Marketing During Covid-19

Due to this global pandemic, most of the businesses shifted towards an online mode of marketing that helps them to grow their business even in such crises. They start investing in long-term programs as they know that the online market will never go out of the trend and will continue to grow. The pandemic has constrained organizations to progress online to grandstand their items and administrations. This, thus, has provoked brands to make content that is context-oriented and applicable to gather bigger mindshare from their client base.

Some Major Pros of Digital Marketing

The conventional method for businesses to reach their targeted audience is by using various channels such as radio, television, newspaper, magazines, public event, and even through the mail. But as if now there are tremendous changes in such conventional methods. Online or internet marketing changes the whole picture of the business world because as of now people spend most of their time on the internet. So, marketers are trying to reach their potential customers through such digital platforms. After all, marketers need to go where the buyers are.

But during the pandemic where customers can’t even step out from their houses, they drastically shifted towards online marketing platforms and hence it is proven as beneficial for all marketers.

  • It will help you to generate brand awareness and engagement before and after the sale of the products.
  • It will support you to get new and genuine customers who really want to buy your products.
  • It will provide a direct and clear platform for your customers to reach you easily without any trouble. Also, they can get to know directly about your current products and current running offers/discounts.

Why Digital Marketing is the Call of 2021 During the Global Pandemic?

During the pandemic, users get more involved in online surfing where they look for new products and services. So for the marketers, digital platforms convert into a place where they can sell their products and services to the customer without any direct contact. There are various social media platforms where a buyer and a seller can connect with each other such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Here we would like to highlight some points that show the importance of digital marketing during the age phase of covid-19;

Enhance customers trust and loyalty with easy communication

It is very obvious that it takes more cost to attract buyers and convert them into long-term customers and also retain existing customers. We know that customer loyalty can be a complex thing to establish but with your constant efforts and good communication, it will surely be worth your efforts. In order to keep in touch with the customers, you need to keep in contact with them thus digital marketing makes that simpler than ever. For instance-

  • Personalised Email offers and discount codes
  • Social media engagement

Attract the buyers at every buying stages

Before computerized advertising became well known, very few individuals were discussing the client venture, for the most part since it was hard to comprehend and break down. As a general rule, a client would go to an actual store in the wake of seeing an advertisement on TV or in the paper, settle on a choice, and pay for the item or administration inside the store. Notwithstanding, in advanced advertising, we can follow each progression that a client makes, frequently from the second when they are set off to discover an answer or item.

Target the right audience

It’s currently simpler than at any other time to portion crowds since numerous computerized showcasing stages permit you to focus on a particular crowd. Digital marketers approach online devices that monitor a person’s online exercises and segment data. Computerized advertisers can utilize this information to offer clients explicit items or administrations that they might be keen on. For example, when a guest taps on a brand’s presentation advertisement, regardless of whether via web-based media or through an internet searcher, the brand can focus on that guest with ensuing and related promotions. On the off chance that the substance a guest gets depends on their inclinations and online practices, it makes uplifting feedback and makes shopping simpler and seriously fulfilling.


If we talk about Digital Transformation, the positive side of this pandemic is the real impact on behaviour change. Mid to the senior leadership of most organizations, including consumers from 35 to 45 age bracket increased their internet consumption by 11% while millennial observed an average increase of 5-7% during the covid-19.