Earth Day 2021- Think Green and Clean!!

Don’t you think that our mother earth needs some rest from the drastic climate change? We humans are not bothered about the worst condition of the earth. We continuously degrade the level of cleanliness and the concepts of greenery. We daily read and watch the news about natural calamities that occur in various parts of the world. Due to such natural and man-made calamities, the wildlife section of the ecosystem is suffering the most. They are the most vulnerable section of our ecosystem and there is a need to save them.

To make human-aware of climate change, the earth’s worst conditions, and what steps would be taken to save mother earth, the United Nations take a step towards celebrating “Earth Day”.  The theme of 2021 earth day is Restore Our Earth.

Happy Earth Day

Earth Day is observed on 22 April of every year to promote awareness for clean and green earth. It was first held on 22 April 1970 at a global level by EARTHDAY.ORG. Where 193 countries participated and raised their voice to save the environment from human activities.

History of the Earth Day

In the year 2021, earth day is going to celebrate its 51st founding anniversary. This was the day when masses of people together gathered in the United States to demand a fresh and clean environment in order to survive. From the year 1990 earth day became a global day after millions of people from almost 190 countries spoke about global environmental issues.

We as nature lovers heartily appreciated the efforts of those people who come forward and speak about the issues. Most of the people in the current generation do not even talk about climate change or global warming, as it should be the main concern for the world.

Why is Earth Day Celebrated?

Earth is the only planet where humans, plants, animals, and other living organisms can survive. Earth has a unique ecosystem that makes it different from the rest of the 7 planets. It is the only planet where we found land, water, and air. These are the 3 main pillars of life on earth.

But due to the unnecessary and excess use of natural resources leads the earth towards the path of sickness. Yes, you have read the right term “sick”. Our mother earth is sick right now and needs immediate care and protection. If we humans continuously ignore this fact, the situation will be getting worse. To make human-aware of the drastic conditions of the earth, Earth Day is celebrated worldwide to promote the ideas to save the earth. Well, one day is not sufficient to protect nature. Every day should be an earth day.

  • Raise awareness among the people about Global warming and Climate Change.
  • Promote the safe and clean environment importance in the age of covid-19.
  • Search for the alternative options for plastic, mask, and PPE kit waste.

Significant Role of Earth Day

Significant Role of Earth Day

Earth day has a different important role to protect the environment, human health and promote clean and green surroundings for the plants, animals, and humans. The 4 significant role of earth day is like:-

Towards Climate Action:- Climate change and global warming are the biggest concern in the modern world. High immense carbon dioxide creates the earth’s atmosphere warm. That causes the sudden rise of earth temperature and increased water level in the ocean because of the melting of arctic and athletic glaciers. This is the major concern that should be discussed and search for solutions to these problems. On earth day many environmentalists, ecologists, and scientists share some solution to the world to protect the earth from global warming and climate change.

Promote Science and Education:- To teach the youth and children about the importance of fresh and clean nature it is very important that students should learn from their books, activities, promotion, and events. Science and education can together bring a sense of awareness in the learner and students about the environment, with the help of this they can take small steps toward a better world. No matter how they start, how much they start, they start. That’s all that matters.

Nature Conversion and Restoration:- Earth day promotes the importance of nature conversion and restoration. Due to the excess of deforestation and bad exploitation of natural resources, soil erosion, water, land, air, and sound pollution rate increases rapidly. To protect the land and water from such disasters, nature conversion and restoration is the key factor of the earth day.

Include Public and Community Health:- Community health is also the major concern for the whole world whether it’s developed or undeveloped countries. As we have seen, covid-19 shows the failure of the world’s most popular and rich countries such as London, USA, Italy, and many others.  So, it is important to talk about the community and public health.


The motive of celebrating earth day is to inform the masses about the impact of current global environmental issues that affect not only nature but also harm human existence. So it becomes important to raise human consciousness through this day by highlighting the importance of a clean and green environment.