Let the Vivid Hues Gloss the Sky – Happy Holi 2019

Drenched in hue of love and dipped in shade of laughs has come the colorful festival Holi…

The vibrant celebration is hitting the corner now. Holi is a great way to celebrate the conclusion of the cold and chill weather with smearing familiar faces with rich colors. Holi festival is a great time to observe and enjoy the little fun traditions in each and every corner of India. There is something unique and interesting takes place every year around the Holi festival. This festival is celebrated and observed as the symbol of good winning over evil. Holi also streaks the landing of fresh and grooming spring season.

Legends of Holi

The legend of Holi attracts its inspiration from Indian mythology and also the coltish chronicles of Radha and Krishna. It has been said that Krishna being jealous of Radha’s fair and bright complexion threw colors on her to even the score. We all are cognizant of “Holika Dahan Story” which signifies the burning of hateful and evil. Even nowadays we have a tendency to follow that tradition within the kind of ‘Holika Dahan’ to celebrate the ending of excellent over dangerous.

Let’s Talk About Holi in Mathura and Vrindavan

Mathura and Vrindavan are the epicenters of Holi celebration. Indeed, even today the general population in Mathura and Vrindavan institute the situation of Radha-Krishna Holi to feel the pith of affection and commitment of these to legends. Individuals assemble at the place that is known for Krishna to praise this vivid fun and skip of Mathura Holi from around the bend of India and even from remote nations to celebrate Holi in India. The Banke Bihari sanctuary in Mathura is the greatest fascination for guests amid Holi celebration, there is a custom of playing Holi with bloom petals, abeer, and gulaal. This is the characteristic of conventional Holi in Mathura and Vrindavan.

Holi is among the broadest praised celebrations in India. Incredible energy and warmth can be effectively seen among individuals amid the conventional Holi festivity. The organization of precious adds an additional brownie point to the fervor level. The sweetness of gujiya dissolves down all the sharpness of life and relations without a moment’s delay.

The Tradition of Throwing Colors

happy holi
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Holi is called as “rango ka tyohaar” as this day holds the essence of bonding and love among near ones. Holi implies the celebration of hues and shading speaks to our emotions, for example, love, companionship, bliss, past, and so on. It is said the soul of Holi supports the sentiment of fraternity in the public arena and even the adversaries turn companion on this day. This is a festival of shading, remaking association with foes. It’s great from one perspective. In Holi, individuals through the balloons and hues and use GULAL to one another, this vibrant and colorful celebration demonstrates the delight and satisfaction in human life and press to left the fiendishness and enemy expectation toward the friends and others. So in nutshell, Holi intends to spread bliss and happiness to each one.

Tips to Play Safe Holi

No denying the fact that Holi festival is full of youth and mischiefs but it is so much important to play it safe. Just take a look at few tips to make your Holi happy and safe.

  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration as one gets busy playing and running around throwing water balloons on each other.
  • Apply plenty of coconut oil on your skin and hairs to avoid any skin rashes or hair problems later.
  • Avoid using color sprays as these are considered to be quite dangerous for eyes.
  • Use herbal or homemade colors only.

Capping Words

Holi celebration is a great way and we can say a fun-filled therapy that holds the capacity to unwind all the stress and unleash a rainbow of fun. But sadly nowadays we are limited to only forwarding texts and videos to each other rather than experiencing the real fun. We must apprehend the exact meaning of Holi and take a step ahead in letting go of all the negativities. So, get your colors ready and paint your loved one’s face, give them a hug and let go of all the tiffs.