Glorifying Shades of Diwali in India – 2022

Happy Diwali

Like each year, this Diwali will bring colours into our lives and light up our paths with shining diyas and candles. The bright colours of rangoli, the taste of sweets, and heartwarming wishes complete the festival and bring happiness. Diwali is one of the well-known festivals of Hindus and indicates the beginning of the New Year according to the Hindu calendar. The festival occurs on the New Moon of Kartik month, but the Diwali lights fill the streets with unending luminance.

On this prosperous occasion, people do Laxmi puja at their homes and also celebrate the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after fourteen years of exile. Hence, the colourful glowing lights show the victory of good over evil. The celebration of this festival can be seen all over India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

The Diwali celebration shows prosperity, happiness, good luck, and beauty. The main reason for celebrating this auspicious festival is the victory of Lord Rama over Raavan and his coming back to Ayodhya. Everyone lit up diyas outside their homes to celebrate his homecoming. Till now, the festival is celebrated all over India in different forms.

Different Shades of Diwali in India

Every state in India has their way of celebrating this festival and spreading happiness. Let us tell you about the various colour of Diwali in different forms.

  • Odisha – People tie an earthen pot on bamboo sticks outside their homes in Odisha. Each pot has a lamp inside it, which shines up the bamboo. According to the village people, ancestors’ spirits find their way to heaven with this lighting.
  • Bihar – One day before the grand celebration of Diwali, people light up 21 diyas in or outside their homes. They bathe in Ganga and then start the festivities at their houses the successive morning.
  • West Bengal – Devotees spend two days worshipping Goddess Kaali in West Bengal. According to them, Goddess Kaali is the destroyer of the flawed past and lights up the way for a brighter future.
  • Kashmir – The Kashmiri Pandits celebrate Diwali with great spirit and enthusiasm. They visit the Dal Lake, and millions of diyas float in the lake, showing the beautiful combination of fire and water.
  • Goa – In Goa, people honour this festival by showing the victory of good over evil. And remember Lord Krishna for defeating the demon Narkasur. Various competitions are also organised to make the giant demon figure.

Thus, we know that every state has different perspectives on celebrating the festival, but the moral is almost the same, “Victory over the evil and spreading the good.”

How To Make The Festivities More Glorious?

We all have been celebrating this auspicious occasion with the sound of burning crackers, eating sweets, and lighting candles and diyas in our homes. But, with time, we must also understand the health and safety of others and ourselves, for which we avoid burning crackers during this occasion to reduce pollution and make it an eco-friendly Diwali.

Government takes measures to protect the environment from harm. Therefore, we must do the same for us and future generations. Thus, decorate the houses with flowers, make colourful rangolis, and distribute happiness with sweets and warm greetings.

Each festival shows our culture, remembers the good, and connects us with our loved ones. Therefore, celebrate the glorious festival with safety and spread joy everywhere.

AMICI family wishes everyone a happy and safe Diwali this year. May the lights of diyas enlighten you and fill your life with brightness and glory. A very Happy Diwali to everyone!

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