Friends-Like-Family: Not By Blood But By Heart!

Happy Friendship Day

Your hearts must have been loaded with joy by receiving thoughtful gifts from your friends. Social Media would be filled with stories and posts resembling your friendships. This day is for paying gratitude to our friends through speeches, gifts, etc., and shows how thankful one is to have their friends. Thus, friendship is one of the most alluring relationships in the world. This relationship is unexpressive and develops organically. When a child gets admission to a school, the first relationship one build is Friendship. Children start showing their choices for certain peers over others, with preferred playmates, and the interaction patterns they follow differ from those with other familiar peers. There isn’t any connection purer than two companions building up a bond with companionship, not by blood. 

We develop friendships in many forms throughout our lives. A friend helps you celebrate good times and supports you in your worst times. Bonding prevents one from feeling loneliness or isolation and boosts happiness. Friendship provides support, belongingness, comfort, and whatnot! And therefore makes the investment worthwhile. Friends are the ones who will always be there throughout your thick and thin. They will support you like the biggest cheerleader in your good decisions and scold you for your bad ones. But undoubtedly, they never want anything wrong with you!

Cherish Your Friendships!

Cherish Your Friendships

As infants, we connect with people with whom our interests match. They meet, discuss their attractions with each other and nurture them. Developing a bond requires give-and-take of efforts from both sides. Caring for each other, letting them know you care, supporting them, and appreciating strengthens the bond.

It’s essential to be a good friend too. It can happen through the following points:

  • Be a good listener – Paying attention to what’s going on in your friend’s life and providing empathy in tough times is necessary. It’s important to hear them out nicely and advise when needed. It helps in making them feel that you care for them.
  • Be kind – This most basic behavior is the heart of successful relationships. Considering friendship as an emotional bank account helps in maintaining a friendship. Each action of kindness and every indication of gratitude are deposited into this account. The criticism and negativity draw down the bank account.
  • Being trustworthy – Showing you are reliable and can be trusted is an integral point of friendship. One must follow all the commitments made and should keep the information confidential when asked to maintain faith between each other. 
  • Be Vocal – Always be willing to reveal personal experiences and concerns. It shows that your friend holds a special place in your life and deepens your connection.

Adults find it hard to build new companionships or keep up with the existing ones. Fellowship takes a back seat to other priorities, such as work or building up a career. In the contemporary world, individuals usually grow apart due to changes in their lives or interests. But remember, it’s never too late to make new friendships or reconnect with your old friends. One must invest time in making friends and amplifying friendships. It brightens the outlook for years to come in our lives. Thus, developing and maintaining good friendships takes effort, but every bit is worth it! So, on this friendship day, send wishes to your existing mates and friends you want to reconnect with and have lost connection with and make them feel that you still remember them.