Happy Friendship Day – Friends that Become Family

Friends are the family that we choose and undoubtedly they are no less than jewels in life. The relationship that one has with a true friend isn’t limited just to friendship, but a lot more than that.  A good friend will always love you like a mother does, protect you like a brother does, support you like a sister does, and scold you like a father does. Friendship Day is the day to remember, appreciate as well as embrace these valuable gifts.  This day is dedicated entirely to the role played by friends in life and is popularised more in this era of emerging digital communication. Friendship day is for celebrating the platonic love between individuals.

Friends Celebrating Their Love- AMICI
Celebrating The Platonic Love Between The Individuals

History of Friendship Day:-

The day of friendship was celebrated for the first time in the year 1935 after the proclamation of the US congress. Since that day, friendship day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of August. some other facts about friendship day are: –

  • International friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month of August every year.
  • The women’s friendship day, which is dedicated specifically to the friendship between the females, is celebrated on the third Sunday of the month of August every year.
  • International friendship week is observed in the month of February every year.
  • The concept of old friends, new friends week was also introduced which is a sort of friendship day week, which is observed on the third week of the month of May.

Friendship day was primitively celebrated in western countries, mainly USA. With the course of time and with the emergence of modernization as well as westernization in India, this beautiful day of friendship has put down its roots in India too.  And we Indians have accepted this mesmerizing concept of friendship day with our arms as well as hearts wide open.

Celebration of Friendship Day:-

The day of friendship is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the world but with the same feeling of love for their friends. People have a number of different friendship day ideas and they indulge in different friendship day activities. Very often on friendship day, people engage in social gatherings and celebrate the day with their friends. People show their love to their friends and thank them for being constant support with gifts, greeting cards, chocolates, flowers, etc.

In schools and colleges, the day of friendship is celebrated with a whole new level of love and respect, which each individual demonstrates by tying friendship bands on the wrist of their friends.  The friendship band tied to the wrist is actually a knot that symbolizes a promise of being with the friend for a lifetime.

Friendship bands are tied on the wrists of the old friends to mark the milestone of friendship achieved while the ones tied on the wrist of a new friend symbolizes the beginning of a new delightful journey of friendship. Friendship bands are available worldwide in many attractive, vibrant colors and designs. Every year people, buy friendship bands in their favorite colors and designs and tie them to their friend’s wrist. There might be a difference in the ways of celebration of the day, but the emotions are always the same.

Celebration With Loved Ones- By AMICI
Celebration of Friendship Day With Loved One’s

Importance of Friends:-

The man of the 21st century is engrossed in criticism as well as discrimination to a great extent; we encounter instances of discrimination in large numbers on the basis of caste, color, religion, race, etc.  Friendship is the ultimate relationship, which breaks the boundaries of caste, color, religion, race, and poverty which unites people with just one feeling and that is the feeling of love for the friend. Friendship is far away from any kind of discrimination, it just focuses on the passion that people feel for each other. Friendship is one ultimate bond which leads to peace amongst individuals of a different creed.

A friend is a person on whom you can count on with your eyes closed. Having a friend who will jump in the coldest of water just to save you is extremely important; you know that you have someone to back you up in every situation. A friend is someone who will sing songs for you when you aren’t happy. A friend is the one who you can look up to in times of despair and hopelessness. You can talk with your friends about any and everything without any hesitation because you know that you won’t be judged for anything.

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The Most Important Ingredient in This Recipe Of Life

Importance of Friendship Day:-

With the faster-moving world, we too walk fast to match pace with it and very often forget to thank the most important people in our lives. This is the reason why, we have a day dedicated to every relationship, be it mother’s day or friendship day. Very often we take the most lovable people for granted and friendship day provides us with an occasion and a chance to thank them all and appreciate the part that they play in our lives.  It is very important to express love and affection to our close ones in order to bring them closer and hence, every country celebrates friendship day with a lot of enthusiasm.

In the fast-growing world, we all face a lot of challenges, discrimination as well as criticism and friends provide the ultimate solace from all such challenges of life. Friends are the pillar of our strength, our life coach, and our biggest support system as well. Though this heart-to-heart bond of friendship is unbreakable, friendship day just serves as the mark of the milestones that we reach in friendship. The day of friendship is extremely quintessential in order to pay a tribute to our friends that become our family.

Friendship Day Importance- By AMICI
An Occasion to Thank & Appreciate Our Loved One’s