Delhi 2015 Elections – A History Created! Aam Aadmi Party Wins

After a lot of suspense and ifs and buts, Delhi’s election results are finally out. Not surprising for many the ball is in the court of Aam Aadmi Party which won only the magic number of seats to form the party but also the hearts of public of Delhi.


But the real catch of surprise is clean sweep victory by Aam Aadmi party, getting nearly ninety percent of the total votes and leaving the other major parties Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress dumbstruck. So what can be the reasons that made Aam Aadmi Party so popular among people who preferred it over the largest party – BJP?

Many election specialists who closely were covering the election updates for path one month felt that Amit Shah’s move of making Kiran Bedi the prime ministerial candidate was a pretty wrong decision that made the party to witness such a shameful failure. While there are still many who feel that one should give Arvind Kejriwal, the whole and soul of AAP a fair chance to prove his capacity. Whatever be the reasons Delhi Election results have written a new history in the election arena with AAP getting a clean sweep of 67 seats, BJP with 3 seats and Congress zero seats.

As for as Congress is concerned this would have been the first time since the formation of Congress that did not get any seat in assembly elections. What can be the reasons that showed gloomy days for these two major parties and how come AAP emerged as an all-time favorite is still a big question that all the parties wonder ponder?

Arwind Kejriwal is the person who connects directly with the public. He uses social media platforms to share his views to the people of Delhi. With Facebook and Twitter, he communicated to the people, expressed his views, solved the queries of the people, and showcased the promises and actions that will be taken once he becomes the Chief Minister of Delhi.

Such direct contact with the public earned him accolades and made him a public figure. People started viewing Arwind Kejriwal as a sole figure that can resolve their issues, solve their water and electricity problems and give them a fair standard of living. This enabled the party to grab more than ninety percent of seats.

Also, everyone in Delhi is pretty sure that Arwind Kejriwal is the person who has the capacity to eradicate corruption from its roots and who believes in service to the people. This attitude of the people towards AAP has enabled it to stand tall as the largest party in Delhi today.

Delhi people were fed up with VIP culture, corruption at all the levels, electricity and water issues and for that, they certainly needed change and Arwind Kejriwal a simple down to earth figure was the option right in front of them so they without any hesitation or second thought pressed the button in front of broom, the election sign of Aam Aadmi Party.


Can BJP and Congress learn from their mistakes? Or can Arwind Kejriwal live up to his promises? These questions are certainly haunting every Delhi person’s mind and time is the perfect answer to those as time will tell everything about the work of AAP and how the other parties will reframe their election strategies.

All in all Aam Aadmi Party has emerged as the shining star in the Delhi elections 2015 getting a clean sweep victory with 67 out of 70 seats. Hope that Mr. Arvind Kejriwal lives up to the expectations of the Delhi People and performs to their betterment.