Christmas Day: Jesus Christ’s B’day and Its Rituals!

Christmas has different values and importance for every other person. For students, it is a holiday to hang out with friends at several places. For employees, it is a day to sit on their couch and enjoy the weather. But, for Christians, it plays a very significant role as it is the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ.

According to the records, no one knows the exact date of the birth of Jesus. But, in the 3rd century, a Roman Emperor celebrated the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ on the longest day of winter, which means 25th December. Afterward, everyone started to celebrate the nativity of Jesus on 25th December every year as Christmas Day.

Christmas 2021

Jesus Christ: The Incarnation of God

According to many Christians, Jesus Christ was the son of God and the holy spirit. They treat him like a God or immortal who has come on the Earth to save them from torment and sins. He was a Galilean born in Nazareth, near Sepphoris, Galilee. He was the son of Joseph and Mother Mary.

As the great Apostles, Matthew, and Luke said, at the time of Jesus Christ’s birth, Mother Mary was a virgin, and they consider Jesus as the child of the Holy Spirit. According to them, the father of Jesus, Joseph, was a carpenter, and therefore, Jesus also became a craftsman. Jesus, in his adulthood, got baptized by the prophet, John the Baptist, who helped him become a healer and preacher by moving from one place to another.

After becoming a healer and preacher, Jesus received a short public career for less than one year. He got all these public receivings and followings because of his thoughts and positivity. Hence, his believers commenced concluding that Jesus awoke from the darkness and appeared in front of them. They thought he returned to help them recover from their dark thoughts and negativity. Therefore, it will lead to the rise of a new religion, Christianity.

Christmas Rituals and Rites

Christmas is a very prestigious festival for Christians. Therefore, they started their preparation almost a month before Christmas, and there are a lot of arrangements for everyone. They have to perform various customs and ceremonies while celebrating Christmas. In this section, we have written some of the rituals performed by Christians during Christmas:

  • Decorate your house and bring a Christmas tree for the decoration. It will help them set up their home and bring happiness and Christmas vibes to the residents. Decorate the tree and your houses with ornaments, garlands, and other trinkets.
  • Hanging mistletoe in the home brings good vibes and happiness to the apartments. Therefore, everyone hangs mistletoe in their apartments as a piece of good luck.
  • During Christmas, everyone tries to host or join a dinner party. It will help them share their feelings and thoughts and become closer to each other.
  • There are various movies that an individual can watch during Christmas. You can watch the film to bring home the Christmas vibes and feel relaxed. Some suggested movies are The Santa Claus, Elf, A Christmas Carol, and The Grinch.
  • You can also exchange gifts with your loved ones and bring them joy. People play several games during the gift exchange ceremony, like Secret Santa and White Elephant.

Closing Words

Christmas brings happiness and joy to the life of everyone. It helps to forget their sorrows and celebrate the day with laughter and desire. People visit the church to worship Jesus and meet their loved ones to greet them with good wishes. Many individuals help needy people to bring pleasure to their lives as well. May this Christmas also bring happiness and positivity to everyone’s lives.