A Trip To Jim Corbett: AMICI’s 8th Anniversary Celebration

It’s time for celebration as AMICI Corp has completed its 8-year journey on November 8, 2021. On the same day in 2013, the establishment of our firm AMICI Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was done. Our firm aims to provide the best services or assistance to people worldwide. Our company went through various phases of ups and downs. But still, we all are together and united for the growth of our organization. Every employee at AMICI works with full enthusiasm and provides their best services.

AMICI has been an organization that provides services in various fields such as digital marketing, content writing, and web development. Our company offers job opportunities in all these fields to those who deserve the best. We provide them with a peaceful and friendly environment to accomplish their commitment efficiently. All AMICIans are very helpful and work as a team, so it will aid everyone to work without any negativity. We all work here as a team and help each other if somebody suffers any obstacle while completing their task.

Voyage to Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand

It’s a ritual for AMICI to celebrate the company’s annual day at a full pace. This year we all went for a very memorable outstation tour. It is an immense pleasure for a start-up company to complete its 8-year journey in this era of competition and opposition. Our organization has completed its journey with several ups and downs in its entire journey. To celebrate this occasion of joy and happiness, we all went for a 3-days trip to Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand.

It was a very wonderful and joyful tour for everyone. Every individual was very excited about this trip from the beginning. We left Delhi to reach the destination in the early morning of November 7, 2021, vibing with each other. After a road trip of almost 6 hours, we went to our decided destination, Jim Corbett, with our full enthusiasm. There we stayed at Corbett Panorama Resort, Ramnagar, for three days. After reaching there, we went to lunch and then headed to our rooms for some rest. Then we rest for a few hours and get ready to roam around, seeking the pleasant location and greenery.

On November 8, we all gathered and went for the Safari ride early in the morning. We booked the Safari ride and headed towards the Sitamani Zone. That was a very overwhelming experience as we felt fresh air with a charming view of mountains. Also, there was a slow breeze blowing that made the weather a little bit cold and soothing. During the safari ride, we saw various animals and had lots of fun. Once we returned from our ride, we all went to the resort and left for breakfast.

On the same day, everyone assembled and became excited about the anniversary celebration, including several activities like cake cutting, dancing, and dinner. The next day, after consuming our breakfast, we all check out from the resort and get ready to return to our houses. The entire team was very overwhelmed with this journey. After this tour, everyone felt very relaxed, and this trip helped them bond with each other more comfortably.

Overall Happenings of the Trip

Everyone’s experience was immense and joyful from this trip. All felt very fresh and carefree on the entire trip. We all had a lot of fun, and there were various activities to do such as swimming, indoor games, and sightseeing. The resort was also wonderful and had good services for everyone. The vibes of the whole trip stayed happy and positive in everyone’s mind. In the end, we would like to thank everyone who has been there in the entire journey of AMICI and done their best to reach the goals.