8th November 2020: AMICI Celebrates 7 Great Years of Working Together

One more year has immediately sneaked away and here we are, looking at all the good and hard conditions. How time passes quickly and carries with it new plans, cycles, and individuals. Celebrating anniversary fabricates an organization’s way of life as one that understands the exertion representatives put into getting it going. It permits representatives to unwind, have a good time, and realize they are esteemed. There’s nothing very like having a fabulous time to feel the essence of unity and togetherness among co-workers.

No denial, November 8, 2020, was a significant day for all the team members at AMICI as the organization completed 7 successful years.

AMICI Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was established on the 8th of November 2013 and since the time at that point, team AMICI has been firm in accomplishing its objectives. The excursion of long 7 years has been an extraordinary learning experience for individuals related to the organization. Like most different journeys, this one too had loads of pinnacles and box; every box trained AMICI’ans to work more earnestly while each pinnacle meant the difficult work and propelled to work more enthusiastically.

Cake Cutting Celebration

This path step by step and effort by the teammates of the organization succeeded at reporting the apex as well as rise. So the celebration began in the morning itself with great enthusiasm and spirit. The well-lit and decorated office space embodied energy and eagerness for such a special day. We all gathered for the cake cutting and gifting etiquette which was just the beginning of the whole lot fun-packed day. After that, the whole team sat together to watch the movie “Luci” in the office only. The feel of watching a movie on the projector and that too in the office with colleagues was quite an unusual experience for the teammates. We all had a great time watching that movie. Afterward, the team headed towards Dwarka for the corporate lunch. We all had lip-smacking food at “Singh Sahib Restaurant”. Everyone enjoyed the delicious variety of cuisines. Our hunger pangs were instantly satisfied there, the whole ambiance and aura were adding up to the merriness. The classy place was having a pretty eye-pleasing arrangement and food. However, the restaurant was following all the protocols and guidelines of safety due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This was a big reason we all were quite satisfied with the extra efforts and arrangements.


How can a celebration be completed without capturing the perfect moments. We all clicked happy pictures and selfies with each other. The day was a perfect combination of bonding and fun activities. Everyone gelled up quite well and had a great day out.

The day ended up being a ton of fun and holding among the colleagues. From morning till night every single second merited celebrating and treasuring. AMICI’s seventh yearly day was an immense joy for every single one. Group AMICI cheered and accumulated to respect the phenomenal seven years that drew out the type and abilities of every part. We wish each Amician a long and prosperous development direction in the coming years. We additionally wish you a profession that is driven by enthusiasm, devotion, solid occupation fulfillment, and accordingly, a decent work-life combination.

Right when all of the delegates working in an association get together for an Annual Day, it isn’t actually just a celebration, it is more like a festival for all the members. Commend the delight of working, cooperation, and aggregate accomplishment with the corporate yearly day coordinator. We make your Corporate Annual Day occasions important with motivating thoughts, wonderful plans, and planning of another successful year to come.