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Building a unique web page to indulge web based applications for ecommerce and social marketing ambition.

Web Development Is A Dynamic Procedure

About Web Development Services

We evolve Web Application Development , E-commerce solutions, ERP and Mobile Application Development services at AMICI . Our service is disposed keeping an account of standard, visual appeal and creative web design.

Web development is an extensive term for the work involved in developing website for the internet or a private network. Development of a website is not easy and it requires expert’s assistance to become live as it caters to the needs of large and small organisations.

Customer Application & Portal Development

We pride ourselves on our drive and passion for the work .
Custom Application Development

Amending software’s makes it custom friendly and could be best suited for the needs of an organisation. Custom made packages will be helpful for the business distinctly.

This Application benefits including:
  • Application performance improvement
  • Protection of investment – validation of architecture
  • Robustness of application, Budgetary benefits
  • Risk management, Scalability and flexibility
Portal Development

Web Portal effectiveness helps in establishing all the areas of the organisation properly. We believe in elaborating on your needs and understanding the basis of your requirement by providing most reliable web portal services.

Our web portal development solution like:
  • Business Portal Development Community
  • Portal Development
  • B2B Portal Development
  • B2C Portal, E-Commerce Portal Development

Providing Ecommerce Solutions

E-commerce or Electronic Commerce is the support for trading in products or services using the internet. E-commerce encompasses technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, online transaction processing and automated data collection systems. An E-commerce website representation requires a lot of inventiveness and innovativeness to make it protrude among the adversaries.

Building a successful website requires proper understanding of the needs of the client so as to make the right decisions. At AMICI, we make it a point to research your online business, target audience as well as competitive market so as to offer you with the best e-commerce website development service.

Providing Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development helps us in developing application software for mobile devices. We let your brand create an alcove product and knowledge power in the strenuous online region; strategies are designed as per the requirement of the brain to gain transcendence.

We offer these differentiated services:

  • iOS & Android Development
  • HTML5 Development

Web Application Development

Web application development is the process and practice of developing web applications

As the technology proceeds and the programming landscape changes to harbour the world's growing technological needs, Pace persistently assess the modernistic trends in the development fraternity.

We improve ourselves to provide our clients the best possible development solutions.

Database Service

Our database service provides a domestic attribute to the virtual machine
Your app make a request. We sends the SMS

It is an important ingredient in today’s world that supports an IT enterprise. There is always a chaos due to issues related with accessibility and to achieve targets. Database Services make it easy for the organisation to increase internal work communication related to the virtual machine. AMICI’s team is skilled in administering Database Services using Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL, oracle, and DB2 database technologies.

Payment Gateway Integration

Reduce Payment Gateway complexity by our authentic Integration services

Acknowledging the importance of Payment Gateway Integration in today’s e-commerce world, Amici Global Solutions offers this effacious service for Website Portal Development. As one of the leading P.G.I. providers our team is proficient in aligning & integrating appealing websites for online transactions in the business markets. Our professionals drive advanced features & support for you in creating varied applications like Shopping Cart Integration, Online Tracking System, and Robust & secure online transactions.

Collect Payment from customers Anywhere Anytime


Enterprise Resource Planning

Delivery of innovation & excellence
We offer you this tool that will help you to make your information visible to all the employees of the department which empowers interactions and hence higher productivity.


Customer Relationship Management

User experience that is simple and intuitive.
you analyze market trends, redefine sales performance and create customer loyalty. It also greatly reduces deployment costs by securely.

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