We Won’t Give It Back – Alas! The Dream Not Fulfilled!

The roads were vacant, every other Indian glued to the television screen to witness the interesting and breathtaking semi-final match between India and Australia. It was the dream and hope of every Indian including me and you that India will thrash the Kangaroos and come out with flying colors in the Semi-final match and very easily will be the team to compete with New Zealand in the World Cup Final.

But all the expectations and hopes of millions of Indians washed in the drain when the mighty Aussies thrashed the Indians and cruised through the semi-final match very easily.

abcSo as a common cricket fan we just can brood over the loss and scold our team for letting go the prestigious World Cup just after reaching the last step of the ladder. But does anyone ever bother to find out what are the reasons that made the Indian team that was in form to lose the semi-final match against the mighty Kangaroos.

Well as a close follower of cricket game and a diehard fan of our Indian cricket I after loads of disappointment sat down to think over what are the reasons that our team that was in full form lost the most important match.

The first point that came to my mind is overconfidence. This is the state of mind I suppose every Indian player had in mind that the world cup is theirs and they have won the battle even without fighting it. Overconfidence is the weapon that always leads to falling and an overconfident person does not even bother to work hard to achieve the goal. This was the mental state of Indian players as they went to attack the Aussies on the day of Semi-final. The same thing happened with our Indian players as after winning series of matches, they were pretty confident about their win in the Semi-final and thus were devoid of seriousness that is required in the game.

Even the captain felt that defeating the mighty Aussies is a cakewalk activity but he never ever knew that Aussies have the capacity to turn any type of game in their favor. Another thing that I felt was lack of team support.

Indian players on the day of semi-final had no team spirit and were confused over the entire thing that was happening around them. Batsmen were not able to judge even the simple bowl thrown at them and ended up getting out at the small score. Bowlers were not able to throw the ball at the correct length and ended up giving a huge pile of runs to the batsmen of the opposite team. Fielders lost completely and were not in the position to stop extra runs that could have been easily put to a halt.

Another thing which can be very well the reason for the loss of Indians in the Semi-final against Australia is lack of confidence. Confidence is one thing which is required in any walk of life be it sports, studies or any work as without confidence one tend to lose even the most easiest aspect in life. All the players I suppose had the bias opinion about the Aussies that they are the tough team to crack and with this approach, they entered the playground. This lack of confidence made the Indian team lose the most prestigious World Cup.

No team effort can be another reason why India lost the world cup. Cricket is the game where team effort is required and with great team effort, one wins even the toughest match. Indian players lacked team effort and they got caught in the trap and intelligent web framed down by the Aussies who judged rightly the loopholes in the Indian team and chalked out their plans accordingly.

India's Virat Kohli and team mates react after Australia won their Cricket World Cup semi-final match in SydneyAll said and done, India lost the World Cup 2015. Whatever are the reasons it is better for the Indian team to accept the fact and work on their flaws immediately so that such silly mistakes will not be repeated again in the grand war of 2019.