Teacher – The Strongest Pillars Of The Future!

Happy Teacher's Day 2022

In India, we celebrate Teacher’s Day on September 5 every year. On this day, we honor Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan by remembering him on his birth anniversary. He was a philosopher, great educationalist, and teacher who became an inspiration for the youth. Thus, students praise the contributions of teachers in their life and society.

Schools and classrooms burst into joy and happiness. Various functions, activities, and award ceremonies are organized to express gratitude toward our teachers. This day reminds us of the value of a teacher in the nation’s building and nourishing the country’s future. Teachers are the ones who encourage children from their birth to old age. No matter how much we praise, words can never be enough to display a teacher’s value in our lives. 

Who Is A Teacher?

The person who affects one’s life positively and profoundly and helps them gain knowledge, competence, and virtue is a Teacher. Therefore, they help shape our minds and lay solid foundations for future career paths. A teacher helps us grow, learn, get ethical values, and possess virtue to improve ourselves into better human beings.

Teachers stay with us as our friends, advisers, and guides in our life. Hence, they are the ones to teach us the difference between wrongs and rights. The best gift students can give their teachers is learning and adopting the morals they taught them. They light up our world on our darkest days by highlighting the right path for us.

Teacher’s Day helps us acknowledge the roles of our educators and their support in our challenging and growing phases of life. Therefore, our teachers deserve the love and respect that they provide us. Being students, we must consider their efforts and give them the value they deserve.

A Note To Pay Gratitude

Teachers put great effort and support students unconditionally to help them succeed in life. They do countless things for us.  Hence, they become the true pillars of our growth. Some of the vital roles our educators play in our lives are:

  • Build Confidence – Teachers believe in us more than we do in ourselves. They believe in our potential to succeed. They plant the idea that we can accomplish anything and set our minds to keep pushing our limits until we achieve them.
  • Exposure to new opportunities – They open our minds to new possibilities. They won’t let us stop at one thing and inspire us to explore and discover new things. Teachers train us for future challenges and nurture us with crucial knowledge and skills.
  • Work Dedicatedly – Teachers always aspire for their student’s success. They put their hard work into creating an environment that enables us to go the extra mile. Thus, we become literate and well-educated citizens of the country.
  • Build Strong Self-Esteem – Teachers are aware of our weaknesses and strengths. Hence, they encourage us to face our fears, learn from our mistakes, and build confidence. They also work hard to enhance our skills and never let us give up on ourselves.
  • Best Advisers – Our educators share their knowledge and experience to ensure we accomplish our goals. Therefore, they constantly guide us on the right path to a successful life. They motivate us to follow our dreams and work towards ourselves.

Despite the unending responsibilities of being a teacher, they take up their duty and hold it incredibly. For them, teaching is not just a job or profession but honorable work to build the future. As our Prime Minister said, “Teaching is not a profession, but a way of life.” 

AMICI thanks all the hardworking teachers and wishes everyone a Happy Teacher’s Day!