Improve Search Engine Results with Proper use of Keywords

When it comes to mastering Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tricks, the answer lies in making use of three tools effectively. These are keyword density, prominence, and proximity.  It is a mix of art and intelligence to evolve a plan that will hit the bull’s eye and gain more traffic in the virtual space. One of the most important aspects of SEO management is content management and presentation. The trick is to play with words and place them correctly to gain good results.

Let look at the three important elements that ensure the best traffic flow on the site:

Keyword density, which is one of the vital aspects of SEO plays a crucial role in attracting traffic. Once keywords are collected via research and calculations, the critical decision is on ways to use these keywords. It is basically answering a question on the number of times a keyword has to be used. Determining the keyword density helps Google in indexing the web page of the web portal in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

One can calculate the density using the standard formula:

Keyword Density = (No. of keyword / Total no of words) x 100

This will give you a fair idea on the number of times these keywords have to be used. Following this step can ensure that site will manage to grab sufficient traffic.

Moving on to the Prominence aspect is all about showing prominent keywords first in the content. Those important keywords should be placed in the title, Meta description, and content of the web. These can words that are associated with the brand, product, or service. As a thumb rule, use the keywords on prominent places to ensure that it gets crawled on the search engines.

Keyword proximity is another significant aspect to be considered while eyeing good web traffic on the site. As the word states keyword proximity refers to the closeness of two keywords on the same web content. It is advisable to keep the keywords words closer to get better results on search engines. The closer these words will be, the better it would be for the site. If this is done properly the website would get a higher ranking in search engines and ensuring a steady flow of traffic.

Any Search Engine works in your favor if the keyword density, prominence, and proximity are made use intelligently. The race of getting a top ranking in search results on major search portals like Google is what each company eyes for. If the content is placed properly along with the appropriate placement of keywords at designated places, then it can help in making the virtual presence a sure-shot winner.

Instead of losing out on good traffic owing to fault Content Management, it is better to learn to manage keywords density, proximity, and prominence to get desired results. The race in cyberspace is tough to handle and only good plans sail triumphant.