Master New Instagram Updates 2021 with These 8 Hidden Features

If you ask your parents what they do in their free time they will tell hundreds of things but young generation has some fascinating and distinct ideas of utilizing time digitally.


 “People who smile while they are alone used to be called insane, until we invented Social Media

Undoubtedly, social media has evolved us in many ways from shopping online to dating people virtually.

Instagram or IG played an important role compared to other social media platforms when the whole world was facing pandemic and sitting idly during lockdown it was Instagram who made us busy and kept entertaining us.


Instagram is a hub of all social media platforms, it has all the features like IGTV, Stories like Snapchat, Photographic Filters, Advertising and Shopping like amazon and what not, you name it and Instagram is always ready to give you all the facilities at your fingertips.

New Features of Instagram Update 2021:

In India when the government decided to ban TIKTOK in June 2020 and immediately when new Instagram updates came up with its new features like Reels in which you can create a 30-sec video to showcase your talent which gave birth to so many Indian content creators and soon it is going to announce the second edition of “BORN ON INSTAGRAM” an initiative to discover talented creators on the app.

Here are 8 Amazing Features of Instagram Latest Version:


  • Reels on Facebook:

Instagram rolled out reel videos in the month of July 2020 like TikTok, social media developer Alessandro Paluzzi who spotted an option that will allow users to share their Instagram reels on Facebook news feeds.


  • “Co-Watching”:

This new feature allows you and your friends to binge watch and browse Instagram feed, stories, igtv videos and like photos together over a group video chat, which helps you to stay connected anywhere in the world. The idea of Co-watching has developed during covid-19 in which demand for video chats has increased and companies like zoom, skype etc gained profit.


  • Insta Shopping Posts:

Selling and buying products on Instagram have become a trend now, just tap on the image of an item that you want to buy, know the price, and order easily from a seller. This feature is found beneficial for small businesses.


  • Add Links in Caption:

Instagram doesn’t allow its users to put links on their post except those who have 10k followers and have verified profiles but according to the patent application by Facebook soon Instagram will be charging $2 if you want to put links within the caption.


  • Instagram Live Update:

According to new Instagram updates 2021, there will be three updates for users who loves going live on IG:

  1. Live videos archive for 30 days
  2. Live Now section is added within the IGTV App
  3. Live up to 4 hours


  • Anti-Bullying IG Profile Restrictions:

Approx 20% of bullying occurs on Instagram according to statistics. So, to protect its users from bullying, new Instagram updates 2021 came with a feature on profile restrictions. It is different from blocking someone, in this you restrict a person but don’t block them and they can continue bullying you but you won’t be able to see them.

Steps to Restrict Profile:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Privacy
  3. Select Restricted Accounts
  4. Add IG Profile


  • Manage Instagram Activity:

Instagram became the 4th most downloaded mobile app of 2010 and became the second most popular platform in terms of daily time spent. They released Instagram Updates 2021 which reminds you of how much time you have spent on Instagram and you can Set Daily Reminder.


  • About this Account:

For every business account now you can have information relating their:

  1. Active Ads
  2. Date of Joining
  3. Accounts with Shared Followers
  4. Origin of the Account



These are some hidden features of New Instagram Updates 2021 which you might not have explored before. Social media made our life easier during the pandemic and helped us to maintain “social distancing”. So, keep posting stories, reels, photos, videos and stay connected with your closed ones. And do not forget to update your Instagram account. Till then, Happy Scrolling!!


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