Independence Day – Know the Best Ways to Celebrate

Independence Day brings an opportunity for every patriot to pay homage to the sacrifices to the brave. Everyone has a different way of celebrating the occasion by performing one or the other activity to show regard. Embrace diversity and uniqueness, which binds billions of people on this day, enjoying a routine public holiday. As a common man, we have stated some simple ways that can take your instinct of celebration to an altogether new scale glorifying each moment of this day.

  • Extensiveness: On this day, let us aim to emerge over the hustle and bustle of technology and imbibe the grace of inclusiveness. Plan a get-together with your neighbors, play a patriotic song, or just make it your ringtone to make technology celebrate the day for you. This day set aside the bars of religion and given an attempt to understand their way of celebrating the day to make this national victory inclusive in a diverse and unique India.
  • Contribute to Surroundings: It’s your country and it is your home too. Taking up anything that can improve the surroundings or can inspire people to do the same for days to come, you can walk outside your house, and ensure that dirt lingering around is disposed of. Show the environmental consciousness which can contribute to preserving this beautiful landscape which we call as a dwelling for your civilization.
  • Go Divine: To feel proud in a musical manner, play your favorite composition, download your most liked patriotic movie, call your neighbors and friends and remember your favorite national hero.
  • Pay Remembrance: Those who died leaving us independent and secular, owing to whom we have generations who are set free from the grip of Britishers, must be cherished on this day.  Violent or anti-violent, all the heroes deserve your time and remembrance for sacrificing their life to safeguard our existence. They move around us as an “omnipresent” entity and deserve to be sung a song of praise on August 15th every year.
  • Cater to the Poor: Nothing can be a deed of good than helping the poor and needy. Giving charity to a beggar or feeding a stray dog shows a great gesture about the consideration regarding fellow living beings.

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