Important Metrics for SEO – 4 Major Things You Need to Know

Those who have knowledge of inbound marketing, definitely know the important SEO metrics that need to be measured. Many inbound marketers have acknowledged the advantage of tracking important SEO metrics which help them in taking wise and well-informed decisions. These metrics facilitate and show a path as to how one can go around promoting a product and ensuring that the strategies are working in favor.

These metrics have proven to be a major factor in determining the effectiveness of strategies and reasons behind their success and failure. Among all the crucial metrics, below listed SEO metrics have been reviewed to hold great importance. Keep an eye on these for great online success:


Bounce Rate – This is the primary indicator that a website with a high bounce rate is not performing well with respect to SEO promotions. In case a website features one or two pages with a high ranking yet higher bounce rate, this indicates that irrelevant keywords are being optimized. Take a closer review of the content posted on these pages and map strategies to rework on title and headers to link more linked and widely searched keywords. The result will definitely be positive.

Organic Traffic – It envelopes one of the primary goals wherein driving organic traffic to a web page is importantly assessed. Also, this metric helps in knowing which all web pages are receiving greater traffic and reason behind such concentration of clicks. Organic traffic is reviewed as low can be easily increased by optimizing a page with the help of right keywords. Also, special attention should be paid to the content of web page which receives major traffic.
New Visitor Growth: In the attempt to optimize a site, it is important to track new visitors. In case, webmasters must track customers and lead along with the fresh visitors, the total numbers disclose that the SEO is positive for the site more than ever before.

Conversion Rate: This is motive behind the creating the entire web of SEO. Keeping a constant check on conversion rate will disclose if conversion rate has been increased will spike in rankings and new visitors. Optimizing web pages aptly will ensure people are being offered what they are looking for in a website and the landing page has been able to fetch better conversion rates.

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