How to Perform A/B Testing for a Particular Web Page?

A/B testing is testing and choosing better of the two versions of an element (A andseo service providers B) along with a metric which states if it is a success. In order to assess which version is better, it is important to experiment with both versions simultaneously. Ultimately, this testing enables a user to measure which of the versions can prove to be more successful and help them in make a selection for use in the real world.

Once the aspects on which testing is to be done is decided, the next step is to make an apt selection of the tool to do this job. Users who wish to place their hands on tools which are free of cost can try HTML and JavaScript, or Google Website Optimizer. Also, for those who wish to explore a much useful and easier alternative that boasts of some additional features, Visual Website Optimizer is the answer.

If you are a beginner, you need to follow one of the 2 simple ways to set up an A/B test:

  • Replacing the element before the loading of a web page: In case you wish to run this test on a single element present on the web page, always keep in mind that while the test goes live, the A/B tool has a tendency of replacing the original button with one of the variations before the page gets displayed to the visitor.
  • Redirecting to some other page: In case the entire page needs to be tested, it is important to create as well as upload a new page on the website. As soon as the test is run, the tool will redirect a small chunk of visitors to some alternate URLs.

As soon as the variations are set using one of the above-listed methods, proceed to set a conversion goal. In this step, all you need to do is fetch a piece of JavaScript code, and copy and paste the same onto the targeted web page which will showcase the success test to the visitor. When you will have this conversion event placed and active on the website, the A/B testing tool will start recording the variation shown to the visitor. Post receiving a quantifiable number of visitors and conversions, take a look at the results to find out which among all the variations drove maximum conversions. You can see that setting up as well as running the A/B test isn’t that tough!

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