What are the Best Chrome Extensions For SEO?

To work effectively and efficiently on the internet, you need the top-grade chrome extensions that boost your SEO. Chrome is one of the best and most popular search engines in the whole world. Google’s Chrome web store provides a wide range of various SEO extensions that will help you boost your reach in just a single click. 

If you are in the digital marketing sector, then you are already familiar with the importance of SEO. A good SEO is a key to success in the online marketing world. Digital marketing experts know too much about the rapidly changing trends of the online industry. If you are adapting to those changes positively, then it is a sign of your development. Being updated and applying best practices in search engine optimization and digital marketing is simpler with the help of useful and advanced extensions or tools. 

Are SEO Extensions Profitable? 

● Search engine optimization extensions are beneficial for keyword research, ranking checking, on-page SEO optimization, and other SEO related tasks. A huge section of marketing experts uses top SEO chrome extensions for on-page SEO.

● These extensions help to boost the reach of the websites or your organization. It will take you to a place where you can find numerous customers. 

● These updated or advanced SEO extensions increase your website traffic. Through best and good SEO extension will increase a chance to get more audience to your website.

● SEO provides organic growth to your website. Organic growth is more reliable and powerful than paid growth. It brings genuine growth to your website. 

10 Best Chrome Extensions For SEO

There are the ten most general and useful chrome extensions that effectively support your website. 

Grammarly:- Grammarly is beneficial for your written task. It improves the quality of your content and makes your content richer and easy to read for the learner. Content is a king for organic growth. It increases your chance to reach more closer to the audience. Grammarly is available in both free and paid versions.

Google Lighthouse:- Google lighthouse is generated by Google with the purpose to help web developers. It is an open-source and automated tool. It helps you to measure the quality of the web page. Google Lighthouse audits SEO, performance, and accessibility of web pages. 

Keywords everywhere:- this tool or extension tells you about the most searched word or phrase. It is a very useful tool for the content developer and an SEO person as well. A most searched keyword or word helps you to rank in the google search engine. With the help of this extension or tool, you no longer need to shift between Google Keyword Planner and keyword tools. 

Similar web:-It is the ultimate competitive advanced intelligence tool for a 360-degree view of customers, industry, and competitors. A similar web was founded in the year 2007. This platform provides web analytic services. 

SEOquake:- It is a powerful tool for your browser. SEOquake is a free plugin that gives you key SEO metrics, along with various beneficial tools like SEO audit. It provides the full report for external and internal links. 

MozBar:- MozBar is a free google chrome extension. It makes simpler to get the link metrics and do all your SEO on the go. It shows the website ranking of on-page SEO. Moz gives you a domain authority for any website on your search result. 

SEO minion:- SEO minion is a famous and useful chrome extension for your website. It helps you in your daily SEO work like Broken Link checking, On-Page SEO analysis, and SERP preview. 

Mangools SEO extension:- This chrome extension is super fast to give you a summary of each website’s metrics and ranking data such as backlinks. Mangools SEO extension is a structural tool. This tool is easy to use and has a great UI. It supports your SEO skills.

Link redirects Trace:- Link redirects Trace is also one of the most advanced and useful chrome extensions for SEO. Link redirects trace has a chief function to landing on a page. It shows the way to that recent URL along with the HTTP response code. 

META SEO inspector extension:– It is helpful to inspect the meta data found inside the web page. Generally, it is not visible while browsing. It is not just common structured data or HTML meta tags. 


Every business wants to get more and more engagement and a useful audience to sell their products and services. Advertisement is the way to showcase your work. In the world of the digital age, the one who is tops in the google search will get more benefits. Therefore, it becomes more essential for a business to rank top, and SEO tools or extensions are the things that make your work a bit simpler.