15th August – The Celebration of Indian Freedom

The whole nation is drenched into patriotic feelings as Indian Independence Day is around the corner. It is a day of utmost significance for the Indians. In the year 1947, August 15 was the precious day when our tricolor flag was shining high and independent India was out-and-out. The leaders of our nation were holding the national flag with extreme honor and cheer. 72 years later, celebrating this prestigious day evokes utter respect and gratitude for our great India.

The History

Independence Day, commemorated every year on 15th August. This observance is a National Holiday in India recalling India’s freedom from the Kingdom of Great Britain in the year 1947. India acquired independence pursuing a freedom movement that was known for nonviolent impedance and civil disobedience headed by the Indian National Congress. The Indian freedom fighters and soldiers sacrificed their lives to make India Independent and prosperous. Jawaharlal Nehru was elected the first prime minister of India after the independence. He raised the Indian tri-color flag at Delhi’s Red Fort.

Celebrations Related to 15th August

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The holiday can be noted everywhere in India with the flag-hoisting rites and ceremonies, Indian army parades, and ethnic events. Speeches by the respected Prime Minister and President of India are truly worthy. The most splendid and dazzling celebrations are observed at the national capital Delhi. A distinguished celebration takes place at the Red Fort. On this special day, the Prime Minister of India hoists the Indian National Flag at Red Fort. After that Prime Minister delivers a speech to acknowledge all the Indians and inspiring them. The cultural events hold a powerful significance regarding this day. The celebration is not at all completed without encouraging the Indian army and the soldiers for their bravery and remarkable acts.

Kite Flying Events

The most symbolic aspect of Indian Independence Day celebration is the kite flying activities. Children love to fly their kites higher and higher. In some of the areas, kite-flying competitions take place. This symbolic event is liked by all, be young or old. The sky looks amazing when you get to see the colorful kites wavering above you. One can see the markets flooded with beautiful kites all over. It remains the favorite activity of the children on this special day. We all must learn by the kite flying events. We all must let go what pulls us back.

Let’s not Restrict our Thoughts

So what are we all going to do this Independence Day? Watching patriotic movies, speeches, flying kites and that’s it? Let’s not restrict and bound ourselves doing this only. Celebrate this day by initiating a tiny step in helping our Nation to grow at your individual level. Keep the country clean and green is what we all can do easily by keeping our surroundings clean. We can try to keep a balance on anger and arrogance, be patient. Do not be the slave of social media. This will not embark a great change in the country of course but it will surely help you become a better person that will ultimately initiate humanity. Let’s not waste the efforts of our Indian soldiers who sacrifice their lives to protect ours.

Sense the True Spirit of Being Independent

It is time to celebrate and stress over the significant issues which are degrading the health and happiness of our beloved country. Let’s stop pointing out the limitations and backdrops of our Prime Minister and try to examine our inner selves. Make this day an opportunity to review our own thoughts and activities. Celebrate this day with your loved ones and respect the sacrifice of our freedom fighters.