Mobiles are More Important Now, is your Site Accessible on it?

Google made an announcement that they are changing the way of indexing web searches.

In the era of technology, people are totally dependent on Google and the majority of searches on Google are done using a mobile device. The old ranking system was based on the desktop version of the page content to evaluate its relevance to the user because those algorithms could not evaluate the page seen by a mobile searcher.

Google is rolling out mobile first indexing. Now it will no more rank its search based on the desktop version. It will create and rank its search based on the mobile version of the content.

Google has started using the mobile version of the web as its primary search engine index.

Search Engine Index

A search engine index is a collection of documents or pages that is discovered by the search engine.

Don’t have a Mobile Website?

No need to worry, if you do not have a mobile website, Google will crawl your desktop version. Google said, “If you only have a desktop site, we’ll continue to index your desktop site just fine, even if we’re using a mobile user-agent to view your site.”

“If you have a mobile site, then you need to make sure the content and links on the mobile site are similar enough to the desktop version so that Google can consume the proper content and rank your site as well as it did by crawling your desktop site.”

Mobile Indexing- AMICI
If you Don’t Have a Mobile Website, Google will Crawl your Desktop Version.


If you have less content on the mobile site as compared to the desktop site on a particular page then it could be really problematic for you because Google will consider the mobile version (having less content) for ranking.

However, it will not affect the overall current rankings too much as said by “Gary Illyes and Paul Haahr” from Google.

When will it Fully Roll Out?

Testing has already begun but it will still take months to fully roll out. If things go well, they may push it sooner, if things do not go well, they may push it back.

Mobile First Indexing-Amici
Google Announces the Shift But it will Still Take Moths to Roll Out Completely, Source: overit

Some Important Tips Regarding this Change from Google:

  • You need not change anything if you have a responsive site that possesses identical content across desktop and mobile.
  • You need to make some changes if the primary content and markup are not similar across desktop and mobile.
  • Make sure to use the robots.txt testing tool to verify that your mobile version is accessible to Googlebot.
  • If you are planning to develop a mobile version of your existing site, then do not launch it until it is completely ready because Google says, “a functional desktop-oriented site can be better than a broken or incomplete mobile version of the site.”