Are Copywriters and Content Writers the Same ???

Today, everyone is willing to develop unique content for their websites because now they understand the importance of unique content on their website. So now, people have started looking for a writer with SEO experience and thus, get confused with copywriters and content writers.

Most of us are unaware of the difference between content writers and copywriters?

There was a time when both content writers and copywriters were considered exactly the same. However, there is a subtle difference between the two. The basic difference between the two is the purpose behind writing, while copywriting, be it is online or offline, is to sell products and services and content writing is to inform about the products and services.

For starters, let’s see the definition according to traditional marketing concepts:

  • Copywriter: Is one person who writes for the purpose of advertising or marketing. The copy or written content is meant to persuade someone to buy a particular product or service.
  • Content Writer: Is one person who specializes in providing relevant content for various websites. Every website has a specific target audience and requires a different type and level of content to inform the target audience about its services.

For SEO purposes, we require both content writers as well as copywriters because the website has to inform as well as sell his or her products or services.

Content writers create content for the website i.e., for backlinking articles, web page content, blog posts, all the written text that needs to get indexed in various search engines. Their quality content attracts and informs readers about the website’s product and services.

Copywriters also create content for the website and their written content attracts and persuades natural search traffic and readers to take action to buy products or services of said website.

SEO copywriters are also content writers as they work to inform as well persuade readers, but not all content writers are copywriters. Even though they both can do some of the same things, but their experience and specialties differentiate them from one another.

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